Character Built

An Athens-based custom commercial contracting

Heavy Friends

An Athens-based, fine furniture and wood goods company

Oneta Woodworks

An Athens-based custom wood company

St. Udio

An Athens-based metal design and fabrication company

Timberlane Design and Construction

An Athens-based design and custom construction company

Timberbilt Design and Construction

An Athens-based design and custom construction company

Koons Environmental Design

An Athens-based landscape design company

Medicine Wheel

An Athens-based landscape design company

College Pro Landscaping

An Athens-based landscape and installation company

Southern Splash Pools

An Athens-based pool design and installation company

Andrew Foster

From suburban home builds and in-town renovations to slinging concrete on budget-less projects in major metroplexes to creatively completing off-grid home builds with and for the Navajo Nation (Design Build Bluff), I have learned and perfected my craft by wearing many hats and getting my hands dirty in the process.

Although I (sometimes) design from a desk behind glass in a proper, stationary office, more often than not I'm out in it. I need to touch, feel, see, even smell, and listen to a landscape to learn it, learn from it and ultimately, understand it so that the appropriate design can emerge and take shape. If I'm not actively designing, I'm riding, hiking, skiing or doing whatever I can with my wife, Erin, to keep up with our ever-curious daughter, Kula and our dogs, Chester and Oscar. It's here, over sand, in forests, off road, on trail, and atop mountains where my creative side is fed.

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