Kjirsten Ogburn

Kjirsten Ogburn is a designer living in Athens, Georgia, focused on spatial planning. Her projects include existing footprints of unique buildings, changing the function of a space, and updating a client’s existing space.

Kjirsten has a background in Landscape Architecture with a BA in Environmental Design from the University of Georgia. While working with an architect, she quickly realized how important being a steward to aging history-rich buildings were. Her niche became reusing, repurposing, and reinventing space in a unique way.

She lives with her husband, two children and two dogs. She enjoys taking clients through the creative process and challenging them to develop a functional, mindful and individual space.

What we do
What we believe

Architectural Services

We align ourselves with architects locally that will collaborate on projects that require architectural services.

Contractor Construction

Both residential and commercial construction deserve the best "fit" for the job. Bringing a set of plans to life is a job in itself, but running a job run smoothly and enjoying the process is about finding the best fit. We can help facilitate this.

Interior Design

The bread and butter of what we do. We carve out creative spaces that are functional, while making sure we follow budget and timelines. Understanding the client needs and implementing them through mindful design is our favorite piece to the puzzle.

Exterior Design

I love the outdoors and believe good design can translate from the inside to the outside. We love pool design, hard scape and soft scape projects that we can incorporate into projects big or small.

Custom Furniture Design

Having a unique space sometimes requires custom items, such as furniture, tables, chairs along with wardrobes and cabinetry. We love to design specifically for your space with custom needs in mind.

Lighting Design Lighting

is the cornerstone of design. Not just the fixtures but the function. The color and tone of light will define how the space makes you feel. Light begins with setting the mood.


Sometimes renovating can seem daunting from a time and budget standpoint. We offer color consultation for walls or cabinetry. We love to make suggestions for refinishing floors, new tile, countertops, hardware and lighting.

Art Consultation

Living in a very artistic community, we have many resources for local as well as regional art. Mediums such as photography, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, metal and wood can all be introduced to your project. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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